Gold Case Square Makeup Highlight Pressed Powder

No matter what tool you use to apply the highlighter, always avoid using sweeping motions when applying.Otherwise, your makeup will appear streaks.
Sticks, powders or building blocks-whether you are browsing the cosmetic shelves of a drugstore or the latest products in a fashion beauty store, you can choose from a variety of highlighter options.Nowadays, most people add highlights to their skin care routine.Highlighters can not only make your face clearer, but also help you create a more natural look.They can add a subtle shine to your cheeks or keep your eyebrows smooth.However, if you don’t even know where to start, achieving an “inside-out look” may scare you.When you find Sephora’s best highlighter, please prepare your fingers and brush.
Jelly: If you want to know the secret weapon to create a perfect face, please check out the latest product of the highlighter game: Jelly Highlighter.Notorious for its unstable consistency and high color effects, you can easily build on top of each application layer for a less subtle look.After applying primer, foundation and optional setting powder, the light and smooth jelly highlighter will blend into the skin smoothly.
Stick: If you are new to makeup but want to make your complexion glow, stick highlighter will suit you best.Its thick crayon texture is available in a variety of shiny tones. It can be drawn directly on the high points of the face above the foundation, or it can be mixed separately to create a faint gloss without makeup.Because of its small and easy-to-use tube, beauty lovers can easily apply a little glitter on their cheekbones.
Brick: When you choose a brick highlighter, save more and add luster to your skin.As we all know, this type is cheaper than other varieties and usually has multiple colors in a compact palette.Each tone is divided into different shades, which can be used individually to enhance facial features or mixed together to obtain custom colors.
Powder: Powder highlighter is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add more subtle gloss and sparkle to their appearance.Usually available in pressed powder form, the powder highlighter formula has become a staple of beauty, thanks to the exquisite and compact carrying case with unusually shiny and soft-textured tones.With just a single brush, beauty lovers can easily add the powder to the skin to create a fresh look.
Liquid: If dazzling gloss and serious glitter are not your style, then a liquid highlighter will be a good addition to your current list.Easy to blend, this type can bring health and hydration to any skin type.Each drop will be deeply colored, so experts recommend that once applied to the skin, the liquid formula should be mixed quickly.
Novelty palette: You will definitely find highlighters for all occasions, thanks to the wide variety and availability of novelty highlighters, which are usually colored and shaped with very interesting designs and patterns.Each vibrant hue will add a touch of bright color and shimmer to your face, which may not be ideal for some occasions that require a specific dress code.If you find yourself reluctant to set foot in the field of unusually bright highlighters, then these sets are also good collectibles.
With this golden-toned, super-smooth highlighter, you can get a gorgeous gloss with just a few swipes.This brightening powder is perfect for shaping a face with reflective depth and size, creating an overall polished look.This shiny high-gloss tone incorporates a variety of harmless chemicals and extracts, making it very suitable for different skin tones.It also includes a built-in mirror and round blush brush for seamless makeup.
This lightweight and long-lasting highlighter is available in three different shades, such as Space Face, Big Bang and Beam Machine, which provide a light shift effect.Its liquid formula contains a variety of minerals that help balance the skin’s sebum secretion, making your complexion look vibrant and radiant.In addition, the inclusion of non-comedogenic ingredients will not cause skin irritation or clog pores.
This series of rich and warm-toned powder pigments will help hide the visible redness on the skin and emit a soft luster similar to the natural light of the sun.Each fascinating hue is hand-mixed into a precious spherical design and has a long-lasting formula that can last up to 8 hours and maintain the true color-no matter what.Its smooth and silky texture makes it comfortable and moisturizing.
Brighten up your beautiful appearance with these four metallic highlighter shade series, these shades have superimposable gloss swatches that can be layered while accentuating your eyes, face or body.Its self-setting formula can achieve high color effect and anti-fouling effect without additional mixing.These professional-quality shades are formulated with natural ingredients and do not contain sulfates or parabens.
Choose from more than five different four-part palettes, ranging from bubble pastels to bright neutrals.Each pearlescent pigment is sure to create a reflective effect, creating a radiant light suitable for any makeup style.Lightweight and long lasting, each matte color can be used together to create a perfect high-impact luster for your eyelids or cheekbones.All the palette formulas are designed with waterproof and anti-blooming design to make your makeup smoother.
If you have only recently become familiar with the super shiny highlighter trend, this shiny triple hue is perfect for trying out different looks.Each gel powder highlighter is infused with pearls, which has long-lasting wear resistance and achieves multi-dimensional effects.Whether it’s subtle or transparent, you can easily create a gorgeous spotlight effect by layering each shade or shiny finish with a diffuse halo.
With this multi-purpose gel gloss formula, you can easily blur the visible pores and blemishes on your face. The formula can create a shiny but subtle glow on your cheeks, lips, eyes and eyebrows.Its lightweight and versatile texture allows it to be applied quickly and removed easily.Its shimmer-free moisturizing formula guarantees to provide you with a clean and picturesque perfect makeup that will not wrinkle, clump or crack once you use it.
It is said that this pink liquid highlighter can give any beauty enthusiast the ultimate highlight effect. It is super blendable and can easily highlight your cheeks and brow bones with a dewy luster.The brand’s newly designed toe-type applicator helps shimmer to slide easily, creating a soft rose gold finish similar to a natural blush.
This high-gloss balm contains no unhealthy ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum or silicone. It is rich in moisturizing aloe vera and calming green tea extract, which can synergistically soften and condition the skin.Vegan and cruelty-free, you can create simple and stunning highlights without using shimmer or glitter for a makeup-free look.Its light cream formula will appear crystal clear once applied to the skin.
This diamond-containing powder will create a 3D sparkle-like effect on your face and body, making you feel and look like it is covered with sparkle.The formula of Diamond Bomb uses a proprietary jelly powder type mixture, which is smooth to the touch, blends well into the skin, and creates a high-gloss effect suitable for all skin types.In addition, its gem-like pressed powder comes with a small built-in mirror and applicator brush.
This customizable make-up product has a light air-like formula, whether you use it as a colored primer under foundation or as a highlighter to make your skin smoother and brighter, it can moisturize for up to 24 hours.The formula is a miniature skin tone booster, you can blur, smooth and brighten your skin by imitating popular social media filtering effects.
This radiant gel-type highlighter is made up of 75% water and is perfect for mixing with other skin care products such as foundation, or using it alone for a hydrated appearance.The formula of plant-derived glycerin and vitamin C helps to improve the natural moisture of the skin and has skin lightening effects.The addition of rosehip seed oil also helps to brighten and moisturize dry skin.
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